This site of GFS is located in the port of Ostend, in the industrial area "Plassendale 1," along the canal Ghent - Ostend. The bulk storage of 100.000m3 for unbranded gasoline was opened in june 2013. Diesel fuel is supplied and unloaded by means of ship. 

Info Terminal Oostende (Ostend) 

- Seveso: High Threshold
- Enddate Enivronmental Permit: 23 may 2030
- Tax Entrepot: BE1G000498899
- Excise Entrepot
: BE1G000498801
- Storage Capacity: 3 x 34.000m³


This site is accessible by rail, water and road. Delivery of goods can take place thanks to the highly flexible supply possibilities by sea. The site is open to all types of ships. The industrial area is located within a short distance of the A10 and ensures a smooth flow over the road. There is a multimodal railway platform available in the industry zone. There is a spacious quay available for the transhipment of goods and containers. This multi-modality allows for a smooth flow of goods and packaging with optimal use of all modes of transport. For more information about hte logistic capabilities of this site, please refer to:

 Bulk Storage

The current bulk storage consists of three above-ground fixed roof tanks each with a capacity of 34.000m3. The tanks are equipped with automatic drain and drainage capabilities. Due to the automatic water detection and density measurements, the quality of the product is constantly monitored. Innovative security and surveilance systems ensure that the stored product is in safe hands


GFS designs costumized open and closed storage infrastructure tailored to your storage needs, thereby making optimal use of logistics capabilities in the industrialzone and flexibility in the port of Ostend.  


GFS has ample expansion opportunities on the site of Ostend and is available for the analysis of your logistics needs and for various flows. The industrial area is available for various industries and SEVESO activities are permitted.