The storage and handling facility for gasses is located in the industrial area of Geraardsbergen, (Grammont) Schendelbeke since 1984. GFS provides flexibility and security in the storage, management and handling of gases on this site.

 Info Terminal Geraardsbergen

- Seveso: High treshold 
- End Date Environmental Permit Class I: July 29, 2029 
- Tax Entrepot: BE1G000498899
- Excise Entrepot: BE1G000498800
- Storage Capacity: 2 x 200m3 and 6 x 146m3 


The supply of bulk goods by road is scheduled by GFS so the waiting times for the costumers are minimized and the dispatch of finished goods can run smoothly and on-time. GFS has 6 docks equipped for bulk trailers and containers with an average capacity of 20 tons. The flow capacity in a single shift is 50,000 tons per year. 

 Bulk Storage

The storage of gases takes place in 8 above ground horizontal pressure receptacles with a total of 1.300m3 capacity. The storage is flexible so that gases belonging to ADR Class 2 can be accepted. This includes propellant gases (DME and 152a) and refrigerant gases (HCFC22, 134a,...) and other flammable gases such as propane and butane. 

 Handling and Repackaging

GFS has several filling lines that make it possible to load in containers with a capacity ranging from 5 to 100kg. About 30 products are currently filled  in about 50 different packages. GFS monitors the selection process and if the packages comply with the legislation on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR, IMO,...) 

The total capacity in a single shift is 20,000 tons 


The environmental permit allows bulk storage upt to 500m3 in moveable containers. The propane and butane bottles are stacked in pallets in open air. The cooling gases are stored in closed warehouses. 


GFS has additional capacity for both the filling of propane and butane as for the filling of refrigerant gases.