Our Logistic Process


To ensure prompt delivery, GFS organizes the supply planning of bulk orders. Integration of order systems allows us to match our planning to your demands. ADR bulk cargo can be delivered in all sizes from ships, bulk trailers, containers, ton-tanks, ICB's,... During the transit of the goods, GFS watches over the safety and quality of the drivers, transport and bulk orders. 

Bulk Storage

GFS has 1300 m³ of gas bulk storage in 8 above ground containers in the storage and packaging terminal in Geraardsbergen, making sure we can respond in a flexible manner to your needs. These containers are suitable for the storage of refrigerants, propellants and liquified gases.

The terminal Ostend provides the bulk storage of petroleum products in 3 above ground containers of 34.000 m³ with supply options by ship, rail and road. 

Handling & Packaging

"State of the art" filling lines for propane, butane and cooling gases in moveable containers provide and accurate, efficient and safe process in accordance with imposed specifications and legislation. Metrological control and inventory management ensure that information troughout the packaging process is available at all times, where loss-control and mass balance reporting are central.  


GFS offers 10.000 m³ of open and closed storage for ADR packaging. Integration with EDP systems ensure that the shipping process runs smoothly and meets all the conditions of transport legislation both inside and outside of Europe. GFS is flexible in the acceptance of vehicles ranging from containers to trailers and small trucks. Costum and driven load-securing is central.